You ask and we answer!

If you are worried about beauty issues, your hair and skin health, your nutrition and exercise or your styling, you may pose your questions and we will give you the answers through this column. All the editors and science partners of the magazine are at your disposal for personal advice.

Q.: I apply a little oil on my daughters’ hair; they are 4 and 2.5 years old. This way I try to comb their hair more easily without hurting them and their hair becomes softer. I would like to know if this may cause some damage to the hair follicle due to their age? Besides, I’ve tried almost all the children’s products and the results weren’t satisfying. Electra A. Kavala. A: If you mean olive oil there is no problem. Olive oil contains vitamin E which nourishes the hair. You can also combine it with some laurel oil. Coconut oil is also good. Panagiota Riga, Dermatologist


Q: Are the cleansing wipes as effective as the gel or lotion? Jenny K. Athens Α: Dermatologists don’t suggest that we should cleanse our skin with cleansing wipes on a daily basis because they believe that wipes do not offer as deep cleansing as the cleansing gel or lotion. For more information about the ideal skin cleansing, read our article http://iqbeaute.com/skin/101-συμβουλές-για-καθαρή-επιδερμίδα/ written by Panagiota Riga, dermatologist. Evelina Bousmpoura, editor


Q: Will I have as many wrinkles as my mother does? She has many wrinkles and blemishes although she is only 42 years old. I am 20 and I would like to know if I can do something now! Alexandra, Nafpaktos A: It is not certain that you have inherited the same skin type with your mother. But even if this happens, nowadays external factors that cause aging skin are more crucial than ever. The sun, the environmental pollution, a poor diet, smoking, alcohol, stress as well as the wrong skin care or the lack of regular care contribute to “how” and “when” your skin ages. What many women usually inherit from their mother –that is not always perceivable- are some care habits which are sometimes good and sometimes not. They may have been sufficient in the past but now they are incomplete! So, keep being informed properly and taking care of your skin regularly if you want to protect and delay the signs of aging. Mania BousmpouraBeauty Director


Q: What should I combine a short black and white cloak with? It is woolen and plaid. It is also black with white lines. Maria, Piraeus A: It depends on the occasion. The cloak is a must item this year… It is highly flattering and it can be combined easily. You can combine it with cropped straight plain pants or in jacquard weave. Choose a white or a gray one or even in black colour and combine it with ankleboots. For a more formal look, you can combine it with a pencil skirt and high heels even in red colour that is extremely feminine. If you are tall or of medium height, you can also combine it with flared pants and high-heels or even with a divided skirt. In the morning, it can be combined with a totebag and in the evening with a big envelope bag. So chic! Vasiliki Arizani, fashion editor