Interactive Window Shopping

The first interactive shop windows in Greece is a fact at Kalogirou Store GoldenHall. Here’s how window shopping can be even more enjoyable for every woman!

by Evelina Bousmpoura A new era of shopping experience started in our country by Kalogirou Stores that created the first interactive shop window and as we have already known more innovative measures will follow in the new season. The flagship Kalogirou Store, located in the awarded shopping center GoldenHall in Maroussi, hosts an innovative interactive installation in the window of the women’s clothing section with the innovative Microsoft Kinect depth cameras that are used to detect movement and allow the visitor to live a unique window shopping experience. What do we exactly experience by walking in front of the window? We can see the exposed shoes be worn and follow us! In every move, the model on the video wall inside the window, follows the same direction, and every time we look at a specific item, the model visualizes it exactly! Furthermore, while interacting with the window in real time, we have the opportunity to vote for our favorite pair of shoes by simply raising our hand. A real and dreamy pleasure for every woman! The men’s window goes with the women’s, embodying digital technology, and through an imaginative way it offers multimedia display of the hosted footwear.

The windows will remain in Kalogirou Store GoldenHall at least until the end of the holiday period.

Cover Photograph: www.papadakispress.gr