Mi-Ro: It takes 2 to fashion

Just like the needle needs the thread to go from scratch to the absolute fashion creation, so do the designing duo Dimitris and Giannis need each other to continue to stand out through their inspiration in the demanding field of fashion.

By Anna Fenertzian

Those who know about fashion they know very well who they are. Those who want to refer to names that make the scene of the Greek fashion scene competitive and distinguished; they are certainly talking about their creations. Those who can recognize their design excellence and their distinctive identity on a garment they have definitely worn or admired one of their pieces. People are right to talk often about Mi-Ro as they are one of the few Greek designers who have never stopped attracting public interest and attention since they made their appearance on the catwalks. We, as IQbeaute, wanted to talk to them as they represent exactly what we claim to be: the intelligence and the beauty of creation. What message does this year’s winter collection pass and to what kind of woman does it address it to? Our winter collection may be among the most “dynamic” we have ever done to this day. It has quite different textures in the materials, but the patterns are looser and easier than the previous ones, and so they give freedom to their use as to when they are to be worn, and as to how the Mi-Ro woman feels. What is the role of every person in the course of making a garment from paper design to fitting? We work perfectly together in the creative process, and so does the whole team of our collaborators. Fortunately, over the years, we have managed to create a very remarkable team of collaborators who share the same aesthetic vision with us! Given the fact of a great career so far, what would you say that it characterizes you as a designing duo and how do you want the world to think about you when they hear the name Mi-Ro? What we would like the people to think is the phrase “nice clothes”. Creating modern, quality and desirable clothes that can be used and not just be admired has been our creative anxiety since the beginning of our career. We have never been interested in demonstrating that we have talent by making creative follies. In what should a woman invest in order to impress? In the fabric, color, combination or in something else? Surely in the combination, and by saying that we don’t only mean the combination of the elements of color or fabric, but also other elements that will eventually and successfully result in the harmony of the whole set. You have been several years in the fashion industry. So far, what rewards and assets has the journey given you to equip you for tomorrow? The great asset after so many years in fashion is experience! The puzzle of pleasant moments, stress, long hours of work, downturns but also very important collaborators. Always a second way of thinking, another point of view is helpful. How does this work in fashion? Not only a second but also a third and a fourth! The coexistence of more than one standpoint in a process is very useful, especially in the creative filed of fashion. Different angles are always valuable. What is the best style advice you can give a woman? Avoid excesses! In a world of technology, e-commerce and shop – window display screens, how have the conditions changed in fashion and how do you react to this change? They have changed quite a lot, and that is why our reaction came with the creation of our official e-shop about two years ago, as well as the constant updating of the social media networking. With what colors, designs and dreams will the future for Mi-Ro be written? If we knew it now it would not be a future! Sure, however, we would like to be with even more colors and many, many designs!