The fashion lady


Orsalia Parthenis has everything that a designer heading a
fashion house needs: personal style, timeless identity, love for what she does, inexhaustible inspiration, a creative as well as business spirit. All these things and much more urged us to
start the new season with this charismatic woman.

By Anna Fenertzian

How is the Parthenis brand today? Which women is it addressed to and what are its characteristics?
The Parthenis brand is characterized by timeless style and insistence on quality. The modern way of living requires flexible clothes, suitable for different hours and circumstances, which can be modified when combined with the appropriate accessories. Nowadays, the woman works a lot and travels, so her clothes should be easy to travel and make her feel comfortable in her demanding daily routine. Furthermore, she loves her body, she has got a sense of well-being and she has ecological consciousness. Parthenis clothes are made of natural materials in Greece, embrace the body and age beautifully. They are not only for one season, they deserve to be among our favourite clothes in our wardrobe and be there when a woman chooses to wear them and feel beautiful.

What characterizes a woman with style?
First of all, she knows herself well, her strengths and her weaknesses. The successful style must have a touch of personality and not simply obey blindly fashion rules. It ought to express the person who bears it.

How do you assess your career until now?
When I took control of the House, I had some doubts about whether I could continue its legacy while at the same leaving my personal stamp. As I get older, the bet is not any more personal and I understand that the success of the brand concerns mainly its own identity. I want the clothes I make to become a way of life, I do not see them just as beautiful dresses. This was the success of the brand in the 80’s and the 90’s and this is what I expect it to be today.

What is your relationship with cosmetics? What can we find in your bag?
I love lipsticks very much and I never go out of the door without putting perfume. Apart from two lipsticks, a nude one and one in an intense shade, my beauty case has always a BB cream with sunscreen, a bronzer, a mascara, an eyebrow gel and a eye-shadow. I do not like very much pencils and eyeliner.

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