Monochrome Destination

In an autumnal landscape, monochrome combinations of appearances guide us into paths of elegance and get off the ground every step we take.

By Alexandra Tryfonos

Absolute monochromy expresses feelings, thoughts, moods and gives messages of our personal aesthetics. It offers luxury and glamour in our combinations in the most harmonious and remarkable way. It frames one of the most powerful trends with a timeless character that excites our imagination to blend color tones and textures, bringing about the most interesting form a flawless and eccentric effect.

The safest choice is to mix different shades of the same color. Typically, the most distinctive colors are easier in creating the monochrome style. Colors in natural and earthy tones (gray, beige, cream, and brown) need special attention to selecting the right shade so that it flatters the complexion of the skin and the effect doesn’t look pale.

Monochrome with a twist. A monochrome look can target at a particular piece (e.g. at the bag or shoe) that will give a pop version to the outfit.

Total black, total navy blue and total white are shades that perfectly maintain a classic and superbly elegant combination, while this season a total red look competes with dynamism with previous shades.

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Monochrome sets consisting of multiple pieces with different textures reveal a well-studied and extremely sophisticated look (e.g. shiny with matte fabrics, thin with filled fabrics).

A monochrome, extreme look for the most daring women is made of the same shade throughout the whole look, even for the accessories it is made up of.