London Calling


During Christmas, there are a lot to enjoy in London. Especially if you know where to go through reliable sources for the most wonderful walks and mainly for smarter shopping!

If something characterizes London during Christmas, this is definitely the lights-usually white, which have decorated all the trees of the streets, the shop windows as well as the pillars… Admittedly, both the Oxford and Regent Street are among the most impressive, while roads that cross Oxford Street (New Bond Street, Bond Street, etc.) are so specially and spectacularly decorated, full of lights and ornaments, that you don’t have to be a child to be carried away into Christmas atmosphere!

Iqbeaute-oxford-street-1 Oxford Street

Iqbeaute-oxford-street-2 Bond Street

I go for a walk to the shopping center. To the British, Christmas holidays are very important. They get prepared, buy gifts, look for what to wear since September. On the other hand, there are many tourists who think –rightly- that London is an idyllic Christmas destination. So, there are people and queues everywhere, in which everyone is waiting patiently … In the windows the silver and gold colour, glitter, satin, velvet, skirt-umbrellas as well as long, stunning dresses dominate.

Iqbeaute-Selfridges-Oxford-Street-1 Selfridges Oxford Street, Window by Andy Pillbeam-Brown

Best-Department-Store-Christmas-Windows-2015 Selfridges Oxford Street,Window by Andy Pillbeam-Brown

“Mom, which is your favorite month?” asked my six-year-old son a few days ago. At first I didn’t know what to answer, but then December seemed a suitable response. My name day, wedding anniversary and Christmas are all in December.Three gifts in a month. A red plaid cloak or maybe a sleeveless fur vest. But if I have to content myself with a better and more expensive gift instead of three, I will definitely choose a leather backpack, which is both useful and fashionable. And where exactly will I buy it? At the weekends, when the weather is rainy, I like going to Canary Wharf, the district with skyscrapers where all the major banks are housed. It bustles on weekdays and it is clearly quieter at the weekends. I go around, I look around at the canals and I visit the shops located in the mall, which is basically built just below the squares and streets of this small city. Among others, there is also a Michael Kors store – the backpacks on the shelves hardly leave you unmoved!

Iqbeaute-Michael-Kors-backpacks Michael Kors, Canary Wharf

Canary-Wharf-SkylineCanary Wharf, Photo by DAVID ILIFF