Little white dress

We radiate in our little white dress and welcome the most carefree time of the year with optimism and the “purest” stylistic combinations.

By Alexandra Tryfonos

Sweet, light and cool …just like the teaspoon of the vanilla sweet in the refreshing water of  the glass (vanilla submarine) that we used to taste every summer when we were kids. This, very delightful dessert that could spread so many innocent smiles flooding the atmosphere with positive energy, carelessness and dreams. The smell of these memories is diffused into the city streets through the must-have choice of a white dress sharing around  the aura of the sweetest temptation.


The little white dress and the little black dress have the same foundation value of the female wardrobe, so we invest in a white dress made of high quality fabric.

We always choose nude underwear. Otherwise, this seemingly small and insignificant detail can ruin our appearance.

Keep it simple. The uniqueness of its beauty emerges through its simplicity.

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