Legendary black dress

The course of the legendary little black dress in time is imprinted on the world fashion map and confirms its eternal femininity.

By Alexandra Tryfonos Photography runway: Yannis Vlamos


The world’s history of Little Black Dress in fashion began in 1926, when the dynamic and groundbreaking Coco Chanel brought to light an original outfit for the season, removing the heavy dresses from the woman’s daily routine and releasing her body from stifling its corset ties. The first Little Black Dress was named “Ford” due to its simplicity of style, easy fitting to every female body shape, and the long-term course that this garment could run in the fashion world. The length of the Little Black Dress in its early years came under the knee and was combined with rows of pearls around the neck and hat, showing the new sense of elegance.


In the 1930s the Little Black Dress had already been established in every female collection. At the same time, the popularity of jazz began to grow. So, many designers, including Coco Chanel’s great opponent, Elsa Schiaparelli, began experimenting on this type of dress in order to give it a refined touch worthy of the time. The Little Black Dress changed, became more feminine and playful, embracing female curves, and being adorned with extra layers of fabrics and wings.


The importance of dressing during the Second World War was more practical and most fabrics were used to create military uniforms. There was a recession in the field of fashion, the dress became more conservative and could be used in all circumstances with as many accessories as a lady could have.


After the end of the war, fashion revival came. The imagination of many talented designers of the time focused again on the phase of creativity. Christian Dior with “New Look” gave life and hope messages to the field of fashion. The new, particularly popular and stylish proposal for the Little Black Dress included a different silhouette with a narrow trunk and full-skirt. At the same time, the Hollywood charm began to conquer the planet and the need for a wider range of the dress styles was born. The ‘50s overturned forever the idea of ??the Little Black Dress, presenting its most sensual look.

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