Evi Grintela The Shirtdress Showroom

The Shirtdress by Evi Grintela-Karatza became a ‘resident’ of an aristocratic apartment in Academia Street.

By Alexandra Tryfonos

A beautiful building in the center of Athens is where the designer of the most elegant shirtdresses chose to create her own showroom. An elegant and luxurious place that exudes romance and takes us mentally to Paris in bygone days. It is a female paradise in a world where modern Cinderella, with her androgynous and dynamic personality, discovers the most female version of herself through the creations of Evi Grintela-Karatza.

Why did you choose the French interior design to represent your showroom and how do you express yourself through it?
The interior design is one of my favourite interests and it has always been a great inspiration to me and my job. Of course, Paris is one of the cities that I specially love. I have been there many times in the past because of my job and I still visit it very often today. My new showroom has many elements from all these references and experiences from my trips to Paris.

Which is your favourite object in your place and what does it symbolize to you?
My favourite element, which I singled out from the first moment I saw this place, is the boiserie details on the walls. They were made by Saridis and they offer a special elegance to this lovely, old Athenian and classy apartment of the 50’s.

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