Denim Addiction


The unique property of a mainly casual piece to be transformed and create the most over stylish appearances following the new aesthetic order, make it inseparable from the day to night looks all year round.

By Alexandra Tryfonos

Jeans have won the title of the most basic pieces in the female wardrobe not without reason. They are timeless and classic with a wide range of patterns, lines and lengths in a huge colour palette. They serve comfort and flexibility with a coolness attitude avoiding the trap of showing off.
They are addressed to all ages and they can be adapted to all styles. They highlight the most feminine version of ourselves as there is the ideal denim for every one of us which “embraces” our silhouette perfectly and so we feel wonderful in them.
And what is the most important thing? A pair of blue jeans – our favorite one that we feel as if it is the first time we wear it even if it is worn due to the passing of time and its usability- always hides the solution of the greatest and unbearable, everyday problem of women… «I have nothing to wear!». Certainly, the result rewards us highlighting our unique and special personality in all circumstances.
From time to time, fashion trends differ and impose specific denim lines. However, there are six must have classical categories, which, with the appropriate styling tricks, give a boost to every appearance but also they create a fresh and always in fashion appearance.

Boot cut jeans

Their line highlights perfectly almost all female body types. That’s why they are so popular, usable and always among the trends. By choosing a pair of high-waist bootcut jeans with back pockets, the buttocks are nicely highlighted and the right points attract the eye.

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