Tina Kouloufakou spoke with Alexander Stutterheim, founder and creative director of the Scandinavian outerwear brand. The ultra minimal and of high aesthetic rainwear of Stutterheim have already won the consumers globally.

By Tina Kouloufakou

What does Swedish melancholy mean to you? It means to be able to be happy with life as it is. Accepting life, everyday life … Living every day for what it is and not being burdened by the constant feeling that loads on your chest … that feeling that always makes you look for a new place, another situation, a new human being, another life. It is very regrettable to know and accept that life is small and fast and that the need to be able to live everything you want is very urgent… Luckily there is art and music to appease us. What is the music of your Swedish melancholy? It’s a short, very sad, dreamy song at a very slow rythm. How do you put Swedish melancholy in a Stutterheim fishing raincoat? Every fishing raincoat reminds me of my grandfather. It creates in me some nostalgia that is very close to melancholy. Every fishing raincoat is for me a bridge that connects me with the memories I have from my grandfather, whom I very dearly loved. Is there any difference between the melancholy known to us all and the Swedish melancholy? I would not say there is any particular difference. Perhaps the uniqueness of Swedish nature, the perennial summer light in my country, the sweeping winter darkness … Nature causes something to us here. I am sure And finally, Swedish melancholy and fashion: How do you make fashion with melancholy? I think creativity is preceded by melancholy. Something like yin and yang. Without being melancholic, I cannot create another, different version of myself.

Why did you choose Marni for cooperation? Stutterheim is an extrovert company. It was very important for us to cooperate with other brands as with other people from the beginning of our existence. In 2016 we decided to take more steps in this direction. We made a list of brands that we would like to work with. Marni was the first name of this list. What is the idea behind this collaboration? We want to combine the luxury and the world of Haute Couture to which Marni belongs with our functional and beautiful creations. Stutterheim and Marni share the same aesthetic approach, the same values, and the same endless search for innovative colors, designs, motifs and materials. The result of our creative collaboration is two capsule collections. Which have just been released and are stunning! I do not hide it; I’m in love with Stutterheim. Where can we find these capsule collections? You will find them at www.stutterheim.com, Stutterheim Stores in Stockholm and New York, at www.marni.com and at selected Marni retailers.

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