70s look by Nidodileda


Tonia Mitroudi, the creator and designer of Nidodileda, talks about fashion and reveals secrets of style.

by Vasiliki Arizani Talented, charismatic and optimistic, she transmits positive energy to anyone she meets. Source of beauty and creativity that springs from her soul…. We meet her at her showroom in Kifissia, exploring her sixth personal collection. What is the story behind the name Nidodileda? Nidodileda is the “nest of Leda”, lover of Zeus and mother of their twin sons Castor and Pollux, who were rewarded for their love on earth with a constellation, that of Gemini. Hence each name of all our clothes has its own star. I am also a twin in my life and, just like them whose sister was Beautiful Helen, I have a third sister, too. So, brotherly love is something that I follow and respect in my life. How would you describe your new collection? It is the epitome of the 70’s, layering, embroidered vests, printed denim flares and colorful furs are some of its characteristics. The images transfer you to Paris in the 70’s and the overall lay out inclines to the 5-piece outfit, clothes that fit together and create a total impressive outfit. The boho style characterizes your creations. Is it also an attitude to life? I love anything that helps me express freedom of my thought and even more as an imprint of the images I have in my mind. The bohemian style is my way of life and expression, so it isn’t a trend for me. What women are your clothes addressed to? To those who dare, have imagination and want to be comfortable all day long. To women who express themselves without too much thinking , and their movements are intense, theatrical and dynamic. Who is your favorite designer and why? I like many designers for different reasons like Isabel Marant, because she imprints the figure of a dynamic but also austere line, the style of Chloe fashion house for her love for the 70’s and her intense theatrical palette and Mary Katrantzou for her original impressive prints. Source of inspiration? A film, decades I love, fabrics that I see and I directly convert into clothes. What do you think about Greek designers and generally how do you see the future of the Greek fashion industry … Is there room for new talents? There is space and there will always be for innovative and creative minds. We have enough of them and I am glad to share a piece of the market with them. In recent years, a strong current for Greek design (ready to wear) has flourished and I believe it will dominate the market in the future. What do you think is the biggest mistake Greek women make in our appearance? As the years pass, there is a remarkable change in the choices of Greek women. I think we are quite tasteful and very dynamic concerning our choices. Mistakes usually happen to people who have not reconciled with their image and their body. When a woman respects herself and those around her, it is very difficult not to cover her body beautifully. Our choices are a matter of our character. Is the success of Nidodileda based on a team spirit or your personal choices? Teamwork is, as you mentioned right, a dynamic factor for success. We are all very committed, and my personal choices agree with the spirit of our entire group, so one complements the other. What is the piece that stands out from your new collection and why? I think it’s the “Melody” maxi fleur dress which is the ultimate 70’s statement, it is worn as a wrap evening dress and as a manteaux in the morning! What do you dream about yourself after years? What I imagine is to smile, be able to share my images and live creatively and harmoniously according to my choices and the desires of the future, either I deal with what I’m doing now or I do something else.

Tonia Mitroudi Nidodileda collection, can be found in the e-shop www.nidodileda.com and on Facebook and Instagram