Τhe leather biker jacket


Buy it now, wear it forever!

by Vanessa Metzer

It was Schott NYC, founded by brothers Irving and John Schott, which first used the toothed fastener on a jacket in 1925. This stroke of genius led to the creation of what was to be the world’s first motorcycle jacket in 1928, which aptly became known as the ‘Perfecto’ jacket. Built for utility and durability – the diagonal zip, for example, stopped wind passing through the jacket when riding and the jacket from bunching when the rider sat – it was something of an oddity at the time. Leather biker jackets weren’t fashionable; long, wool coats were.

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It was almost 30 years after its invention that the biker jacket became the sartorial icon that it is today and it was all thanks to Marlon Brando.


Today, the leather jacket is constantly reiterated, season after season by countless brands. Saint Laurent’s recent reawakening of the grunge trends, making it an essential staple in any wardrobe. The French fashion house’s perfectly-proportioned ‘Classic Motorcycle Jacket’ will set you back an eye-watering 3,000 € and more, but equally as desirable versions can be found in AllSaints and Zara and, of course, Schott’s affordable Perfecto remains the original and the best.