Spring… in London!


I think that if this spring had a name, this would be “flowers”! The dresses have flourished but also bags and shoes have been painted pink and yellow. It is the season of romance.

by Anna Dalla

Won’t the spring ever come in London? I really wonder. Today that I am writing these lines, 26th of April, the temperature in the morning reached 2°C! An hour ago it was hailing heavily and at noon it was snowing lightly. But now it is sunny and the shops seem to completely ignore the outside temperature. Swimwear, beach towels, T-shirts as well as summer dresses full of flowers have flooded into the shop windows. I think that if this spring had a name, this would be “flowers”! The dresses have flourished but also bags and shoes have been painted pink and yellow. It is the season of romance. Loose, comfortable dresses, skirts, pants with lace and ruffles. And of course, jeans. In any version we can imagine. Is it too early to buy summer clothes? I know that spring will eventually come, it will come suddenly and fill every corner of the city making both Londoners and tourists visit the parks. I think that they are worth more than anything else in London. There are many, they are large, they are well built, they are free of charge and it is a very good idea to visit one when we have the chance. We can walk, enjoy our coffee, do boating, go cycling or have a picnic. And if we have children,we can enjoy ourselves with them at the playgrounds or the small zoos that most of them provide. At the Primrose Hill or the amazing Hampstead Heath we will enjoy the magnificent view of London, at Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens we will be near the center, at the impressive and really huge Richmond Park we will see dozens of deer walking around freely, at the Regent’s Park there is the zoo of the city, at St James’s Park, which is next to the royal palace, the squirrels are so familiar with the visitors that they eat from their hands (indeed, it is likely for them to try to steal some delicacyfrom your hands if you are not kind enough to offer them willingly), at the Greenwich park we can visit the observatory and of course the prime meridian which is located there, but also on the eastern side of London we can visit the Victoria park, a really big and impressive park.

What is more extraordinary in London is that wherever we live or walk, we can find a nice park, some smaller some bigger, to relax and enjoy the sun that even though it surprises us, it does come up quite often. Now that I am thinking of it, it’s time to buy a pair of sunglasses. And a facial sunscreen. TK Maxx, a discount store that we can find in many neighborhoods but also in the center of London, has a wide variety of glasses at very reasonable prices. I think I will choose the blue oversized Marc by Marc Jacobs ones, which cost only 25 pounds. As for the sunscreen, I will consult Mania Bousmpoura, as I always do. Mania, what do you suggest?


Mania Bousmpoura: Dear Anna, don’t worry, these days we are going to publish a post with the best facial sunscreens and I am sure that one of them suits you perfectly! However, apart from the sunscreen, I suggest you a powder (I know that you love them ..) but a sunscreen one, L’oreal Paris Sublime Sun with Spf30. You will renew it during the day wherever you may be and you will be perfectly protected having super skin!

Photos: IQbeaute File