Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse®A magic care product!

Huile Prodigieuse® Dry Oil was created in 1991 and it is Nuxe’s best-seller product. Thanks to its usefulness and the effective care it offers to the face, body and hair, it has become the necessary companion of women all over the world and our own favorite care product!

By Mania Bousmpoura

It was born out of the desire of Nuxe’s ??owner Aliza Jabes for a complete and easy-to-use care for a young mother and an active woman. It became very fast a huge success and an emblem of the company. Being the favorite product of women and stars not only in his home country, France, but all over the world, this dry oil nourishes, rebuilds and protects the skin of the face and body and also the hair, thanks to its innovative composition as it is rich in precious plant oils (hazelnut, macadamia, borage, almond, camellia, argan oil) and vitamin E. On the occasion of the celebration of its 25 years, its composition was renewed and further reinforced. Rich in phytosterols, linoleic acid, ω6 and ω3 fat, it nourishes and stimulates the production of collagen. It does not contain preservatives and silicone, and it has plant-derived esters. Its removable and luxurious spray package makes it easy to apply and makes it particularly practical for traveling. Huile Prodigieuse® Or in its gold-enriched version gives a discrete shine to the face, body and hair. A natural and valuable product that stimulates our femininity and makes every woman feel more sensual! Huile Prodigieuse® has shown in recent studies significant antioxidant action and has also shown to be effective in the discolouration of stretch marks.