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Brisk walking and jogging are ideal to exercise and improve our body. But what are the secrets to a guaranteed success?

By Loukia Nakou I am often asked if brisk walking and jogging are enough to workout properly. The answer can’t be yes or no … I have to learn more before answering… Because it’s not enough just to walk, have a pleasant time, discuss the daily news with our best friend and enjoy the autumn landscape . It needs work! So, if you want to increase your metabolism and help your body burn fat faster as well as exercise sufficiently with this method, watch out the following points: 1| Open your stride while walking at a fast pace. Larger pace means more intense physical exercise and more help for your body to burn fat faster. Take into account that starting fit walking you should cover about 5 km per hour. As you increase your pace this may reach up to 6 to 6.5 km. 2| Put hands on the game. By involving the movement of the hands in exercising, you increase both the intensity and efficiency of walking. 3| Increase gradually the time you walk out and therefore your body metabolism. If you are used to walking for 30 minutes, next time set your stopwatch at 45 minutes and later at 60. 4| If you want to see your body transformation and burn fat, you should include sprint (running) in your workout. Start with fast walking, go on with light jogging and finally sprint quickly before returning again to a slower gait. The rotation helps the body burn more calories and fat.

Smart Tip
Sprint is intense running! Do not overdo it though …It should be up to 70% to 80% of your maximum heart rate. The heart rate can be simply calculated using the following practice. Subtract your age from 220. The resulting number is your maximum heart rate and of course, the pulse top level, which your heart should not exceed while running. So, after the sprint check your pulse and adjust running accordingly to your own body requirements.

5| Four times a week is the ideal frequency. For even greater success and body strengthening, a good idea is to add a few exercises with dumbbells or bands to your fitness program. So you can do two times running and two dumbbells or a rubber. Good luck!


By following a balanced diet even better results are achieved. Moreover, if you add daily two cups of Lipton Linea, with wonderful flavor and no calories, we have one more ally to obtain a finer line. As it contains twice as much catechins as the classic series of Lipton green tea, it offers even greater benefits to the organism. Lipton Linea, in two irresistible flavors, citrus and pineapple with hibiscus, can be drunk hot or cold.