Fun Gym


Exercising in the water can be very enjoyable and also rewarding!

by Loukia Nakou

Chest, triceps, arms. Stand still with legs and arms open beneath the water. Close your arms by bending your elbows and join your palms in front of your chest. Repeat this 20 times. Shoulders Stand in an upright position with arms closed, in such a way that your palms touch your thighs. The water level should be at your neck. Lift your arms straight forward up to your shoulders level. Return to your primary position and repeat. Repeat this 20 times. Buttocks, leg biceps, hamstrings Stand with one leg slightly bent forward while the other leg is stretched in parallel backwards (that foot should fully step on the bottom). Lift your torso up to the level the front leg is stretched and return to the primary position. During the whole exercise the body from the waste and below should remain underwater. Repeat 20 times for each leg.

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