A pink ribbon for our lives

For one more year, Estee Lauder, Eleni Menegaki and Dukas join their forces against breast cancer and they invite us to wear the Pink Ribbon bracelet that saves lives!

By Evelina Bousmpoura


Eleni Menegaki

This is the third year that you participate actively in the “Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign” by Estee Lauder. What do you hope people will learn from the campaign this year? Breast Cancer does not discriminate anyone. Any action by all of us is very important. The Campaign by the Estee Lauder Companies has accomplished a lot the last 20 years that exists, but much work is needed to achieve a world without breast cancer in the near future . Every action counts! Simple everyday movements like to remind friends and colleagues to do the annual mastography, become volunteers in actions that remind us that ‘early detection saves lives,’ even to contribute small amounts of money in voluntary teams of doctors offering services to women in remote areas, can make a difference! The revenues from the sales of the pink bracelet of Estee Lauder are donated every year to the National Association of Women with Breast Cancer ”Alma Zois”. Tell us more about this Association. It’s a non-profit association and consists of women volunteers who have experienced or are experiencing breast cancer. They are incredibly optimistic, they are the champions of life! Their goal is to support women with breast cancer experience, while educating people about the importance of prevention. In the case of breast cancer, prevention is the early diagnosis. Therefore, they take action addressed to women aged 20 and over. The support line of the association is: 210 8253 253. Women who have been or are being patients have the option not to be alone.

What is the action against breast cancer that you would like more women to follow?

I wish more women spοke more often with their doctor and became more active when they notice that something is wrong with their body and health. Nowadays the pace of life is so intense that sometimes we forget it. Something very important that “Alma Zois” informs us about, is: The doctor who has the appropriate training and specialization to do the clinical examination in our breast is the breast surgeon. After doing  the mastography, we should ask him to check it.

What is your action against breast cancer?

I choose to do mastography every year on my birthday and I urge women across Greece to do the same. It is a gift that I offer to myself!

What do you do to de-stress after a long or bad day?

It is true that stress affects our health negatively. I like going for long walks in nature. What relaxes me more is being with my children and their hug.

Who or what is an inspiration to you in your life?

Life itself!



You have been cooperating with Estee Lauder for more than 10 years in the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. Tell us a few words about this campaign. The Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign by Estee Lauder Companies was created by Evelyn Lauder in 1992 when she realized how many women were dying of ignorance or fear of Breast Cancer. Especially when researches of that time showed that if breast cancer was diagnosed early it was then 98% curable! Since then, it was the purpose of her life to create a world without breast cancer through information and medical research. The actions of the Campaign have taken place in 70 countries for 23 years putting a cornerstone in the fight against breast cancer worldwide. In 1992, Evelyn Lauder created the pink ribbon, the universal symbol of the breast health. This Ribbon is my main inspiration for all the pink ribbon bracelets I’ve created so far.

Every year you design a new bracelet, completely different from the previous ones. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration source is always the woman, the center of the The Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. The protagonist is the pink ribbon of the campaign in conjunction with the creative mood I am in when I design a new bracelet. This year’s bracelet is strongly connected to the concept of the pink ribbon and decorated with a metal clasp depicting a 3D ribbon in motion. The color of this year’s bracelet highlights the sensitivity of femininity. It is made of double leather, without chemical treatments (vegetable skin), while the three-dimensional ribbon bearing the symbol of the pink ribbon engraved in the inside, is of metal in silver color finished with sub-allergic varnish.

Estee Lauder has cooperated with Eleni Menegaki in the campaign of pink bracelet for three years. Tell us about the shooting of the campaign.

Eleni Menegaki is again this year the Ambassador of The Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign by Estee Lauder in Greece. It’s something that she does with great enthusiasm and selflessly. The shooting of the campaign took place in June, and as every year the prevailing mood during the shooting is unique.


The bracelet of the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign by Estee Lauder, signed by DUKAS, is available at all Estee Lauder outlets and selected pharmacies by the brand Darphin throughout Greece. Its price is 10 euros and the revenues support the work of the Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras.