All we should do now in the clinique!

Winter is the best season for minor or major facial and body surgery. Find out here what you should do now at the dermatologist or the plastic surgeon!

by Evelina Bousmpoura

If you have already made a decision to have a treatment or a plastic surgery that requires recovery time, this time of the year is appropriate because we can more easily stay at home in winter and get away indiscreet questions! Apart from this social reason, there are other objective factors which impose on us some treatments now, for example staying at home for some days in order to avoid the sun. So, the time is now for:

1. Any form of laser treatment such as hair removal, laser resurfacing for the face, laser ST against the signs of aging, laser against brown spots etc. In all circumstances, avoiding intense sunlight is required and in some cases you may need several applications until you have the final desired result, such as in case of hair removal. Moreover, it is good to start on time if you want to look as you wish in spring.

2. All chemical peelings should strictly be applied in periods of limited sunshine. In the case of a deep chemical peeling, you will need about 1 week to 10 days to recover, during which, irritation, redness as well as skin flaking are possible. Throughout this course and then you should be careful regarding the sun.

3. Ideally, all plastic surgery procedures should be applied at this time of the year in order to have enough time until the total disappearance of scars, swellings etc. (especially if this is for the body). For example, abdominoplasty requires one week of rest at home, one month to do all the normal movements (eg weightlifting and gymnastics) and some months to reduce scarring and acquire their final form. Similarly, the same is required for facelift, liposuction, etc.