Winter Skin Care Tips


Both hydration and nutrition are the main treatments that protect our skin against dryness and dehydration this time of the year. We choose, however, the right daily care products but also we follow some secrets that ensure success.

By Mania Bousmpoura

1. We change our cleansing products. We choose mild cleansing products without soap in their composition and they are reinforced with natural soothing and moisturizing agents. For the face we use cleansing solution (we recommend Bioderma available in pharmacies), which is the mildest and most efficient, without causing irritation. We should avoid either very hot or very cold water when washing our face because it intensifies dehydration. 2. For hydration of face complexion, we choose fortified moisturizing products against dryness and dehydration with nutrients such as vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5. If we don’t want to change our moisturizer, we can apply a very moisturizing serum before our cream. 3. On a daily basis, we use as an extra care dry moisturizing oil on any part of the body or face, even on hair, we may need it. We suggest Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse dry oil for face, body as well as hair or L’oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil dry oil for the face. 4. We drink a lot of water and eat fresh fruits and vegetables. They enhance the hydration of our skin from the inside! 5. We ensure that the air in our home or workplace is not dry (for as long as this is possible in the offices with central heating). One way would be to ventilate the place twice a day, both morning and evening. Otherwise, we can use a humidifier, or alternatively, we can have a damp cloth or a glass of water evaporating in the place.

6. We avoid sitting too close to heaters and especially to the fireplace. 7. We apply a hydration mask and nutrition mask 1 or 2 times a week. 8.We regularly moisturize our lips using a balm and we can sometimes apply a little extra virgin olive oil at home if our lips are too dry. 9.We can protect our hands against dryness and dehydration with a good moisturizer that offers protection and nutrition by applying it every morning and evening before bedtime. We wear gloves in cold weather but also we avoid harsh soaps and very cold water when washing them. 10. We always use thermal water in order to take care of our skin although it may be irritated due to the cold weather. We spray on it and dab gently with a paper towel.