Cellulite, fight the “enemy”!


There are not magic products and treatments that eliminate cellulite in just one move! However, we reveal those that can significantly improve the appearance of the body if you apply them systematically!

by Mania Bousmpoura

The cellulite issue is very misunderstood and falsified. The truth is that it requires a special treatment. That means that you have the option to ignore it and pretend that you do not see it –moreover, 9 out of 10 women have the same problem with you, so you are not the only one- or you set a goal to do everything in order to reduce it. You can reduce it, but under certain conditions. Changes in diet and daily habits, exercise, time and money (if it is to choose some treatments in the clinic) are required. Otherwise, you can cover it with smart clothes but do not highlight or cover it with either waterproof body make up or fake self tanning, which makes the skin look better. But whatever you decide, you have to stay calm! So, I will reveal to you what is effective in my opinion, because I really believe that you can fight the “enemy” to some extent following a systematic program.

The right steps to reduce cellulite!

1. Follow a closer daily diet to lose some extra pounds you may have. If you are not overweight, make sure that you do the following: Say YES: A) To foods rich in antioxidants (blueberries and blackberries, orange, kiwi, loquat, red pepper, parsley, melon, strawberry and greens), B) to lean protein (fatty fish such as salmon and sardines, low-fat cheese and dairy products, poultry (without skin) and egg whites), C) To good fats (avocado, nuts without salt up to a handful per day, raw olive oil in salad up to 2 tablespoons maximum every time) and D) Foods against fluid retention (beans and legumes, banana (a medium one per day), pineapple, watermelon, dried apricot, fig or plum). Say NO: A) To sugar in any form and processed carbohydrates eg white bread or rice, B) to the caffeine consumption (two cups of coffee per day maximum), C) to alcohol (a glass per day maximum, preferably wine), D) to salt. It is better to choose salt in green packaging and use it in moderation. Avoid potato chips, canned food, salted dishes and salted cheese. 2. Increase physical activity, especially aerobic exercise (eg fast walking, swimming, cycling, aerobics, etc.). You need 30 to 40 minutes, 3-4 times per week at least. Ask an expert in aerobic exercise (eg a personal trainer you have heard that they are good) to recommend you a program that will be effective in reducing cellulite or start fast walking immediately! 3. Every day, use systematically the topical treatment that suits you and continue the application for a long time. You can replace the moisturizing body lotion with it. But be careful. Do not buy a product only for a month before going on holidays. Apply whichever you decide that convinces you in combination with what I am describing for some months at least. 4. Fight constipation (if you have this kind of problem) by consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes on a daily basis. 5. Drink plenty of water. Keep in mind that 30ml water is the right proportion for 1 kg of body weight daily (eg the recommended dose for a person who weighs 60 kg is 1800 ml, which is less than 2 liters a day). 6. Quit (the ideal option for many other reasons) or significantly reduce smoking. 7. The lymphatic massage, if applied by someone who really knows what they are doing, will facilitate the lymphatic circulation in your body and help to eliminate both toxins and fat but also to fight against cellulite. Regular application once a week for an hour or 45 minutes and for one or two months is required in order to have visible results. 8. The steam bath or sauna promote peripheral vasodilation, sweating, toxins elimination and improve circulation. If you do not have a health problem, 1-2 times per week will help you. 9. Thalassotherapy also helps a lot. Swimming in seawater (in the sea or a pool) or the hydromassage in a bath with seawater improve blood circulation and detoxify the body.

10. Treatments in the clinic

Concerning the treatments in the clinic, many things are said but a few of these are accurate. So, first of all I would like to mention that there have been two basic treatments for a long time regarding cellulite, endermologie (which you will find with various trade names such as LPG, etc.) and mesotherapy injections (there are several cocktails, such as ingredient blends used by doctors). Mesotherapy should be applied in the clinic (strictly by dermatologists, plastic surgeons or other qualified doctor) but you can apply the endermologie method not only in clinics but also in beauty salons or spas.

The target of both these treatments is local fat dissolution (lipolysis) and thus its restriction at the parts of the body where there is a problem. In addition, these treatments reduce various skin problems which contribute to the appearance of cellulite (eg fluid retention, poor circulation, etc.) The results? It depends! There are cases of cellulite that do not respond to such treatments and some other cases are improved dramatically right after some sessions. This is the truth. If you are determined to follow such methods, talk with a doctor you trust. If you finally apply them, consider the results after some repetitions and think about continuing or not.