Take care of your skin daily with the perfect way, winning a set of Dove care products.

Our body skin requires daily cleansing, moisturizing and protection in order to maintain it healthy, soft, fresh and beautiful. The products we use play an important role and we must choose the best!

For body cleansing and moisturizing, we choose Dove shower gel and body lotion. Dove shower gel with its new formula is gentler on the outer layer of the skin. Moreover, including refined, mild cleansing ingredients, it offers an amazing shower experience with richer and creamy foam. The result? More beautiful, softer and smoother skin with only one shower and, of course, comfort and confidence all day. Immediately after showering, Dove body lotion and hand cream offer an ideal hydration and nutrition that our skin needs, keeping it shiny and beautiful. IQbeaute picks out Dove Purely Pampering range with shea butter and warm vanilla, which takes us on journeys with its rich, warm scent and velvet texture while giving a golden glow to the skin. DiagonismosA

For protection against perspiration and unique sense of softness, we choose Dove Talc Soft deodorant! Its scent is inspired by the baby powder that we adore and awakens our most tender emotions. At the same time, it gives a unique feeling of softness and provides a 48-hour protection against perspiration. Dove Talc Soft Deodorant is a touch of freshness and softness. Including 1/4 moisturizing Dove cream, it’s proven that it takes care of the skin which it nourishes leaving it wonderfully soft and dry. DiagonismosB


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Be careful! This competition is only valid for residents of Greece and Cyprus.
You can join until Wednesday, December 9th at 15.00.The draw will be done on the same day in the afternoon. The winners will be announced on our page on FB and they will receive an email to their personal account.